Finally one of Ethiopia’s biggest entrepreneur and investor Ermias Amelga got released

Examiners dropped interest for settlement installment After a subsequent gathering held among investigators and the barrier group today, which finished a brief time prior, examiners have dropped their requests against Ermias Amelga and have consented to give a letter to the Federal High Court fifteenth Criminal Bench expressing their choices to end the preliminary of Ermias

Government investigators who have documented defilement allegations against business big shot Ermias T. Amelga have hindered his discharge from jail and are mentioning an installment of settlement adding up to 21 million birr, Addis Standard has learnt. Ermias was recorded at NO. 62 out of the aggregate of 63 detainees against whom the legislature has ceased criminal accusations.

Agreeing a source near the issue, the safeguard group speaking to Ermias were brought in on Tuesday evening and were at the fourth floor of the government lawyer general’s office, meeting investigators dealing with the businessperson’s case. There they were informed that Ermias was blamed for causing a “genuine monetary harm” against the administration and that the resistance group ought to haggle to pay a budgetary repayment to the tune of 21 million birr, “a proposition the protection group has wouldn’t acknowledge”, the source stated, including, “the safeguard group has wouldn’t pay any repayment cash requested by the examiners and expressed their goals to continue with the meeting until Ermias was free.”

There is a progression of meeting occurring, including one early today, among investigators and the protection group, however so far no decisive result is accounted for.

The Federal Prison Administration office has affirmed that 62 of the 63 people whose charges were dropped have just been discharged, however the Qilinto jail, where Ermias is held at, and which is one of the government detainment facilities under the Federal Prison Administration, has not yet gotten a letter of leeway from the Federal Attorney General’s office, the Administration’s advertising agency head, Geremew Ayalew, told a nearby radio.

Zinabu Tunu, Public Relations and Communications Affair Director at the Attorney General office, revealed to Addis Standard that the issue was being taken care of by examiners from the government Anti-Corruption Commission and that he has no information about it. Zinabu is cited as saying that Ermias will definitely be discharged and that there was no adjustment in the choice by the administration to cease the debasement allegations against him. Nonetheless, there are “issues that should have been checked.” Despite rehashed endeavors by Addis Standard since yesterday, examiners from the Federal Anti-Corruption Commission, who are dealing with the case, couldn’t be gone after remarks.


Ermias was blamed for selling Imperial Hotel an a swelled cost to METEC, an allegation her denied since the time criminal accusations were officially squeezed against him on January 15/2019. His case was first recorded at the government high court tenth criminal seat yet later on, investigators said they have opened another defilement allegation against him at the fifteenth criminal seat and asked the adjudicators at the tenth Criminal seat to close the underlying document and move the case to the fifteenth criminal seat, where the case has since been attempted.

During the last hearing, the adjudicators at the fifteenth criminal seat have dismissed the case for yesterday, February 26, yet when the guard group showed up at the court, they were informed that the court has not gotten a letter expressing the administration’s choice to end the charges. The examiners from the government Anti Corruption Commission who recorded the charges, didn’t appear at the consultation.

The charges at the fifteenth Criminal seat blame Ermias for selling Imperial Hotel, which was possessed by Access Real Estate, at a cost of 75 million birr, which examiners said was an “expanded value.” They demanded the incentive for the lodging ought to have been 51 million birr and blamed Erimias for contriving with authorities at the then MeTEC, which purchased the inn, to sell the property at swelled costs without serious offering.

Ermias demanded that Access Real Estate S.C, an organization he co-claimed, had purchased the lodging for 60 million birr and said a lot of the inn was a simple 5% in what was possessed by more than 6, 000 investors.

The administration’s choice to end the charges against all the 63 was declared on Tuesday February 25 both by Zinabu and Fikad Tsega, Federal Attorney General Cross-Border Crimes Directorate Director.

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