Hotel and tourism education requires attention


Ethiopia has many tourist attractions in history, culture and more importantly its’ glorious natural attractions. Nevertheless, the absence of hotel, highway, electricity and the like of infrastructure has held the tourism and income stream at risk. Those attractions includes Axum monuments, Lalibela churches, Jungle tower, Cultural Level Consolation, North Mountains Park, and more that are registered in the UN World Heritage Site.

The major problem that are facing hotel employees are a capacity and education shortage. Therefore, the government has to work hard to improve the capacity of hotel employees. The government believes that if the tourism industry produces more than three billion Dollar per year, it should support the sector in developing the professionals ‘ ability and making them more accessible.

The government, in specific, must work hard to guarantee that the organizations of hotel and tourism education provide the required equipment and provide normal education to them. It should also improve teachers ‘ capacity and facilitate the delivery of better overseas experiences.

Therefore, improving the ability of higher education organizations in the field of tourism and hospitality in Ethiopia will allow practitioners to provide hotels with quick and high-quality tourism services. It also enables visitors to be satisfied with hotel and tourism services. It will also increase tourism flow and job creation.

The Ethiopian Tourism and Hotel Management Institute has equipment for practical education, which says it is presently teaching undergraduate classes. The institute should, however, have a modern hotel as a model. The institute will empower students to develop better knowledge and skills from other peer institutions. It will also provide apprenticeship program for its students in cooperation with the hotels. They will also receive adequate institute understanding and abilities. However, number of students who are graduated from the institution so small that the appropriate manpower for Addis Ababa hotels and tourist organizations could not be provided.

To boost the flow of visitors domestically and internationally, better services are required. In particular, hotel operators need extremely qualified, well-trained workers to be employed. It can extend the length of the trip in addition to offering quality and quick service.

Mr. Daniel Dagne, owner of the Bishoftu Pyramid Resort, in Bishoftu town says most hotel and tourism college graduates say they hired short-term hotel hospitality, catering, housekeeping and maintenance training to solve this problem. Bishoftu town is currently one of a tourist destination in Ethiopia. The hotel industry, is just beginning to look out of location as the tourism boom of the city continues to expand and income is increasing thanks to the natural lakes of the city and proximity to Addis Ababa. Daniel clarified that all the resorts in Bishoftu City are expanding. But now, by setting up the Bishoftu Hotels Association, the issue is solved. On the other side, employee charged with severe misconduct and expelled from a hotel could exchange data in order to prevent recruiting in other hotels.