The newly formed Dr Abiy’s Prosperity party and the leading party of Tigray region TPLF discuss on ways to work together

The Tigray Region administering party and the outdated Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF) prevailing player, Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) praised its 45th commemoration with different projects in various towns of the area and finished up the festival at Meqelle arena on February 19.

Other than the festival the locale Deputy President and Chair of TPLF, Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), met with the media to discuss a few issues including the commemoration, relations with Eritrea, relations with the government, Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and change motivation set around year and a half back.

During the question and answer session he began by enhancing the 45th festival of TPLF, which he referenced one of the long existing political element, which isn’t regular in the nation.

“A few gatherings were shaped yet the majority of them broke down, while we existed and will keep on existing. In a few occasions we molded and reshaped ourselves to embrace new circumstances and conditions,” Debretsion said.

“The past worth probably won’t be applicable for the present status because of that you must have new thoughts that will assist you with continueing on the quality,” he included.

“In our nation parties or different associations or organizations will be set up yet won’t have the option to exist for a significant stretch,” he said.

“We are considering age well as it ought to have qualities and development that instructs others,” he clarified.


The gathering seat said that since a year ago conditions that flashes strife has happened, in the mean time the local organization wants to settle the circumstance calmly.

“For example a military caravan was sent to Meqelle Alula Aba Nega Airport a year ago, which we considered as a hostile endeavor to get in to strife, however by our development we settled the case in a quiet way,” the gathering seat said.

He said that the gathering doesn’t need the young to get in to strife that will restore the nation back.

“We want to sidestep the circumstance easily than heighten the contention plotted on us,” he included.

Concerning the area is steady, and rule of law is appropriately applied in the locale, as per Debretsion, while the case in other piece of the nation isn’t the equivalent.

“We incline toward harmony with its own conditions and issues. For example even the force progress was held with its own issues,” he said.

A few issues were likewise seen from the Amhara locale including hindering of streets for very nearly two years, which Debretsion condemned as endeavor to start strife between the two areas.

Equitably experienced nations didn’t go to their present stage without issues and mistakes in the political decision process yet that is changed all through time. “For example blacks, poor or ladies were not qualified to be chosen or to cast a ballot but rather that is changed consistently. We have comparative stand the political decision should happen intermittently in spite of issues.”

“Regulating the organization is critical and that is the reason we are stating the political race ought to occur,” he said.

“We are not apprehensive and we have likewise an ability to forestall any military activities. There is nobody that can pound us however we incline toward institutional authority and rule of law,” he included.

He said that simultaneously everyone should regard each other in any case choices are there.

New panel

“In our letter sent to PM Abiy we have obviously expressed why we was unable to join Prosperity Party (PP). We have our disparities on strategy and projects like financial arrangement and others yet we need to chat with them to see the path forward,” he said.

To see the path later on and cooperate the different sides, Prosperity Party (PP) and TPLF, consented to talk about further.

For the conversation a board involved from the two sides is framed. “On our side we have relegated people from official board of trustees of TPLF for the joint panel,” Debretsion said.

He affirmed that according to his conversation with the PM delegates from PP are relegated for the advisory group. Anyway he doesn’t specify about advancements with respect to the conversations.

He said that division is a decent chance to think of various thoughts and perspectives for the nation and it ought to be valued.


Under the change that comes after the agitation in Oromia and Amhara districts, opened up the political space, explain the great administration issue by EPRDF. From that point forward the gathering experiences a few social, political and monetary changes.

“TPLF is a pioneer to jump on definite changes in the district,” he said. The focal government isn’t going according to the assessment, he scrutinized. He said that there is precariousness in the areas like Oromia and Amhara yet “those districts are expressed as the spot for the change.”

“Change couldn’t be checked by the sum account that the nation made sure about from global accomplices. It may help the advancement of the nation yet real change originates from the grass root level,” he included.

He condemned the restoration of the royal residence saying that there are a few issues that must be changed first.

Since PM Abiy Ahmed went to the prevalence he has restored the chronicled royal residence and opened it for guests and the royal residence got one of the most sweltering touristic puts in Addis Ababa after quite a while.

He said that TPLF is running the change plan appropriately including activating researchers from the district and the diaspora to attempt detail concentrates to meet the normal changes in the locale. “Different territories in the economy, social and different focuses were remembered for the change plan that is examined by researchers,” he included.

“In view of our assessment that was done approximately two years back, we have shaped 14 boards of trustees in the area to improve the open requests,” he included.

“In the interim common understanding was acceptable and contrast isn’t awful and we can proceed under the government framework with different thoughts,” he clarified why his gathering declined to be a piece of the recently settled Prosperity Party that included three previous EPRDF individuals and different subsidiaries from five local decision parties.

“We can cooperate with a distinction and that ought to be received,” he included.

Concealing suspects

The provincial true president said that there are associates in a few sections with the nation that neglected to show up in court and not just in Tigray.

As indicated by Debretsion, suspects “will cover up and that is normal.” According to the most recent data of Office of Attorney General there are four presumes that are stowing away in Tigray however “when it is contrasted and different districts the speculates that are covering up in Tigray are not many” he said.

“In any case, the instance of Tigray is intensified and that is politically persuaded. In the event that the case was not politically spurred we are not keen on concealing any suspects. We have moved Kinfe Dagnew, previous head of Metal and Engineering Corporation, yet they use it for political reason and discharged a narrative that is illegal of the nation,” he included.

“We accept that nobody should avoid the law however it ought to be equivalent for everybody and clean from political thought processes. What’s more, other speculated people in different districts ought to be moved for the central government,” he underlined.


As per the TPLF seat, fathoming the take off connection with Eritrea is the inception of TPLF that was raised and began before PM Abiy came to control and acknowledged by EPRDF. The pressure between the two nations influenced the financial condition and development of the locale since the strain would not welcome speculators to Tigray.

It’s anything but a political move, we need to improve the condition, while the mission ought to be controlled by the focal government to finish the harmony procedure.

“We are not a state but rather the Eritrean president on his most recent meeting referenced TPLF every now and again, which is ill-advised,” he censured the President’s methodology that compromise the territorial security.

“He isn’t in control to discuss the locale. It is actually impedance in inward issue of a nation that ought to be denounced by the parliament that is the thing that I expressed in my discourse on the 45th commemoration,” he said. “There is nobody who scrutinized the Eritrean president articulation, significant government body like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the PM should give explanation on the issue,” Debretsion included.

The issue was not about Bademe as per TPLF head including, the issue is attempted the harmony procedure on basic way. “Since we are applying the court choice there are likewise a settlement that Ethiopia needs and the settlement procedure ought to be comprehensive of every single pertinent side,” he said.

He guaranteed that solitary the two chiefs (PM Abiy and President Issayas) are talking about the issue.

Eritrean president has guaranteed that TPLF oppose applying the harmony procedure, while the gathering chief contended that it isn’t the command of the area.

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